Marco showroom



A visit to our showroom is a real must!
Our collections are presented in an attractive atmosphere. 

Each year, the showroom gets renewed for several times. In this way we can cater to the different seasons, holidays and trend themes.
January-May: collections Easter - Spring - Summer - Communion/Spring celebration
May-September: collections Summer - Sea - Autumn
September-December: collections Autumn - Halloween - Saint Nicholas - Christmas / New Year - Valentine
Not to mention!

Our birth/baptism and wedding collections are available through the whole year, as well as our standard range of gift packing, gift paper, ribbons and accessories.

Whether you’re looking for the newest trends, unique colour combinations or surprising ideas…. You’re welcome!
Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8-12 / 13-17 h
Friday: 8-12 / 13-16 h

Renewing showroom

Due to the renewing of the collections and presentation our showroom will be closed during following days:
Monday 6th January until Friday 17th January 2020
Friday 8th May until Friday 15th May 2020